Brittany Hembree

Major: Management

A native of Henryetta, Oklahoma, Brittani is a first-generation college student from her family pursuing a bachelor’s in business administration with a concentration in management. She works 55 hours a week at two separate positions to pay for her academic and personal expenses and this scholarship will go a long way in helping her pay for her last year of college before graduating in May, 2023.

Brittani thanks the Economic Club of Oklahoma for her scholarship as it, “will help me focus on my last year of school and relieve some of the financial pressure.”



TyRonie LaKay Anglin-Williams

Major: Management

TyRonie LaKay Anglin-Williams, or LaKay to her friends, was raised in Oklahoma City and is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management.

Selecting a historically black college was the right choice for LaKay.

“Being surrounded by my culture has made me feel more secure and comfortable within myself,” said LaKay.

She plans to pursue entrepreneurship following graduation. She has been licensed in cosmetology since completing high school and plans to use her license and business degree to open salons, spas, and boutiques. She hopes to eventually expand to owning and managing multi-unit residential properties and hotels.



James Stout

Major: Finance
James was raised in Claremore, Oklahoma and graduated from Claremore High School as a Valedictorian, student-athlete, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes Club President. He is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance.
Following this academic year, James will continue learning by participating in Bank of Oklahoma’s Wealth Management internship in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He leads a Greek Life organization on campus as President, works directly with the Student Life Department to provide Greek-wide and campus-wide events, and was recently honored to be inducted into Delta Mu Delta Business Honor Society.
James has chosen to pursue a career in the financial industry in hopes that he can affect his community in a positive way. He believes that helping others have good stewardship of their wealth is one of the best ways that he can help make an impact in today’s world. He is also very thankful to his family for raising, teaching, and supporting him in all of his endeavors. James’s Christian faith is his ultimate motivator, and he is diligent to constantly lead a life of hard work and integrity showing values that are aligned with his beliefs.


Brittany McKnight

Major: Marketing Management

Brittany is from Norman, Oklahoma and is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Marketing Management.

Beyond the classroom, Brittany has served in several leadership roles at Oklahoma Christian including Student Director of Freshman Orientation, Assistant Director of Spring Sing, a popular student-produced annual variety show, and as Assistant Athletic Director of Intramurals at OC.  Last year she was the Summer Intern Director for the Champions Church of Christ in Houston, Texas, and this summer will be working with Jess Connolly Ministries of South Carolina.

Brittany was recognized by the faculty of OC as a Who’s Who in the School of Business.



Sajin Poos

Major: Economics

Sajin is from Edmond, Oklahoma and is a Meinders Leadership Fellow pursuing her bachelors of business administration in Economics with math and French minors.

Sajin has worked as an editorial photographer for the Edible OKC magazine since January of 2021 and holds a position as Institute Scholar at the Steven C. Agee Economic Research and Policy Institute.

In addition to economics, Sajin has a passion for language and culture. She is ecstatic to study abroad in Spain this summer at the University of Granada. Although she would like to immerse herself in

other parts of the globe, Sajin ultimately plans to return to Oklahoma City after her travels. Having been awarded scholarships from the Oklahoma City Community Foundation, Herman Meinders, and the State of Oklahoma, Sajin hopes to someday lend the same hand to other students that her donors lent her.



Joe Stone

Major: Economics / Pre-Law

Growing up as a military child, Joe never really had a hometown but both of his parents are from Oklahoma and happened to be stationed here when he was born so thinks of Oklahoma as home. He will be graduating with a bachelor’s degree in econ: Pre-Law and plans to attend the University Oklahoma School of Law this fall.

He started at Oklahoma State University with 34 credits from advanced placement courses in high school. Through the Post-9/11 GI-Bill he was eligible to receive roughly two years of secondary education. Because of those opportunities, he took 19 hours every semester, 10 hours over the summer, all while living and working in Norman on the weekends.

At the time of graduating, Joe will be 19 years old.



Joshua Gray

Major: Management

A native of Mustang, Oklahoma, Joshua is a senior Business Administration major at Southern Nazarene University. After graduation, Josh plans on entering a career in management or sales.

He was a Southern Nazarene soccer team member and is currently a part of the National Society of Leadership and Success. During Josh’s academic study, he has worked as a brand ambassador for Ecowater where he helped generate leads for the sales team, and he is currently working on two internships, one with the City of Mustang in their Marketing department, and the second with a local State Farm Insurance agency.

His hobbies include spending quality time with family and friends.



Kali Tevis 

Major: Economics

Kali is a Senior Economics student in the College of Business at the University of Central Oklahoma.

She has undertaken a Research Creative and Scholarly Activities (RCSA) Grant entitled Apiaries: The Effects of a Growing Presence Within Oklahoma (aka Plan Bee), as well as a National Conference for Undergraduate Research (NCUR) Abstract entitled An Analysis of Causal Relationships between Pollution and Energy Infrastructure Investment in Developing Countries with mentors Dr. Jog and Dr. Pham of the Economics Department, respectively.

She is passionate about learning from other cultures, their languages and food, and the study of Economics with emphasis on International Business has provided a unique insight into these cultures alongside a broader scope of why these countries and people function and develop the way they do.

When she is not studying or working part-time, Kali loves playing with her husky, hiking in the woods, camping with family, archery for pastime, or curled up on the couch with her nose in a book.